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Innosphere Fund AnalystInnosphere Fund

Deadline: Friday, March 1st

As an analyst at the Innosphere Fund, you’ll learn what startup seed investing is all about and gain insight into many fascinating technology startups. The ideal candidate would be equally interested in working at a startup as in venture capital. We are open to candidates ranging from soon-to-be MBA graduates to candidates with a business or engineering degree and several years of relevant work experience.   The primary responsibility of the analyst is to drive our due diligence process.

Other responsibilities include monitoring and providing support for our portfolio companies.   The analyst will sit on the Innosphere staff as a representative of the Fund.

We are looking for:

  • A fast leaner capable of learning about and understanding a variety of technologies and markets
  • Someone with great primary and secondary research skills
  • Someone with strong written and oral communication skills – well-defended opinions are a necessity

Send your resume and cover letter to:

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320 East Vine Drive, Suite 101
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524
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(970) 221-1301

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