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Companies aren’t always investor-ready, but when they are, Innosphere is here to ensure our high-growth startups are attracting the right kind of capital, and are being appropriately introduced to investors.

Investor Network

Securing capital is one of the most significant milestones an Innosphere client company must accomplish. Innosphere maintains a confidential investor network and connects highly screened and vetted client companies with prospective investors. Historically, angel investors, family offices, micro-venture capital and corporate strategic investors make up the bulk of the funding that Innosphere clients secure. As an example, in 2015, Innosphere companies raised $31.8 million and companies have raised more than $220 million in total just in the past six years.

We maintain a special relationship with our investor network and provide an essential service that many investors are looking for – vetted consistent deal flow and ongoing investor relations post-funding.

Early Exit Program

Innosphere launched the first program in the U.S. that specifically supports entrepreneurs who are building Early Exit companies. This program helps startups and their investors plan for and achieve successful early exits through active management and a higher engagement of Innosphere resources. Only a select group of startup companies will be accepted into the Early Exit program and gain access to exclusive program resources. Innosphere also maintains an investor network for those interested in Early Exit investment opportunities.

If you are interested in learning more about Innosphere investor network, please contact Mike Freeman.

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