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Innosphere engages with corporate partners to further our mission of accelerating the growth of technology startups in Colorado. We can engage your company in one of two significant ways.

Corporate Partner Program

At Innosphere we believe that to succeed at innovation, established companies need to actively source ideas from inside and outside their organization. Successful companies are adept at refining their current offerings, but may struggle with commercializing novel products or services. This is where our partnership can begin.

As a corporate partner you’ll get first look and premiere access to 20+ new technologies a year to supplement your current innovation pipeline. In addition to tech scouting we also provide commercialization support for stranded intellectual property or spin-out’s from your business. Our typical corporate partnerships start with technology scouting and evolve to relationships that may include M&A or working with internal investment teams.

Preferred Service Providers

Innosphere maintains a close working relationship with a limited number of Preferred Service Providers. Our Preferred Service Providers have a long-standing commitment to supporting the startup ecosystem in Colorado and a successful track record of working with startups through their development and growth challenges. They offer customized advising and pricing plans for Innosphere client companies and participate in our educational education, and sponsor events.

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